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Bombers Blitz Challenge 2022

The competition is designed so that riders of all abilities can be competitive. Points are earned for completing segments, recording the fastest times and demonstrating the greatest improvement. However, it’s also meant to be a bit of fun, so keep it clean.

Basic Rules

  • Prizes - £25 voucher for 1st place in the Vertical Blitz, £25 voucher for 1 st place in the Horizontal Blitz.
  • Annual membership fee must be paid in order to take part in the competition.
  • Complete any of the 10 segments, at any time, between 1st April and 31st August.
  • Segments can be completed as many times as you want during the five months.
  • Segments must be completed solo. However, riders can complete the segment at intervals on a group ride.
  • Drafting other vehicles in prohibited.

How are points earned?

  • All initial segment attempts, and improvement updates, must be recorded via Bombers’ Blitz link here.
  • These initial attempts will be recorded as Bombers’ Horizontal/Vertical Blitz (BHB or BVB) Best Times.
  • The tables will be updated regularly, and the data can be viewed below:
  • BHB/BVB Best Times will be awarded the following points:
  • Position Points
    1st 7
    2nd 6
    3rd 5
    4th 4
    5th 3
    All other riders 2
  • It is possible to gain points for Best Time and Time Margin Improvement on the same segment.
  • A bonus of 5 points will be added to your total for completing all of the segments in each of the competitions.
  • Segment and total points will fluctuate constantly as new times are recorded.
  • Table positions will change constantly as points fluctuate.
  • BHB/BVB Best Times will only need to be updated if there is an improvement on the initial time recorded
  • Baseline Personal Records (PRs) are taken from last year’s Bitz (if competed), or PRs as they stand on 1 st April.
  • If a rider has never completed the segment before, their Baseline Personal Record will be taken from their first attempt.
  • The difference between BHB/BVB Best Times and Baselines PRs will be calculated to identify the riders who improve the most.
  • Time Margin Improvement Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:
  • Position Points
    1st 7
    2nd 6
    3rd 5
    4th 4
    5th 3
    6th 2

Bombers Blitz Segments

Bombers Vertical Blitz

Segment DistanceGradientDescription
Glyn Clydach Climb 1.47m2.7%Turn off New Road in Neath Abbey and up Longford Road. The segment starts as a tough grind up through Longford and levels off once you pass the Glyn Clydach Hotel. The segment ends at the triangular junction outside the church.
Glynneath Climb 1.81m5.9% Once past the rugby club this climb starts halfway through the bend and begins sharply. It’s a difficult climb up the Inter-Valley Road, without let-up. The segment ends just short of the left turn which goes to Walter’s Arena.
Firemans Hill 0.43m3.6%This is a quick blast which starts between the bridge and Marcus’ house. Keep your legs pumping past Wayne Manor on the right, and keep going as it levels off in front of the triangular junction outside the church.
Graig Road Ascent 0.83m4.5%This one starts at the bus stop layby in Alltwen and is a steady gradient all the way to the top. The segment ends just short of Rhos Meadows Garage.
Up the Avenue 1.62m3.1%The reverse of the infamous taped up helmet incident! This is harder than it looks. This segment starts where the central road markings start to broaden. It’s a tough start and although the road appears to level off the further you go – it doesn’t really. The end of the segment is just before the Crynant sign.

Bombers Horizontal Blitz

Segment DistanceGradientDescription
Bryncoch Bombers TT Out 3.49m0%Starts at the entrance to Groundhog and ends at the junction to Resolven. Be careful of the double-parked cars in Ynysarwed and Abergarwed.
Bryncoch Bombers TT Return 3.49m0% Same as above in reverse.
God of Thunder Sprint! 1.72m-1%Starts just past the shop in Rhos, near the left-hand turn for Delffordd. Go past the Smiths Arms, then it’s downhill through Fforest Goch and level off near the Dyffryn Arms. The segment ends just past the first Bryncoch turn (so don’t attempt the turning).
Bryncoch Bypass Sprint (up) 0.96m0.08%Starts at the bottom turning for Bryncoch and ends at the top turning. It’s up a bit, down a bit, up a bit.
Glynneath 2 Resolven 3.26m0.3%This segment starts once you turn towards Resolven near Glynneath Leisure Centre. It’s great tarmac until you get near Resolven where it takes the wind out of your sails a bit. It ends at the junction to Resolven.